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Zoe Nicholson

Zoe is the founder and senior dietitian at Love What You Eat – more than nutrition a busy private practice in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in Health At Every Size, the Non-Diet Approach and food intolerance.

Zoe is an accredited practising dietitian and nutritionist with over 15 years experience, her main areas of work are food intolerance and helping people foster a healthy relationship with food and their bodies through using Intuitive Eating and HAES principles.

In November 2014, Zoe co-founded The Moderation Movement with fitness professional and counsellor Jodie Arnot. The Moderation Movement was started to counter the ever-increasing hype and extremism with eating and exercise and to promote pleasure and satisfaction with food and exercise for enjoyment, not punishment. The Moderation Movement has had a tremendous response from the public, gathering an audience of over 40,000.

Zoe is a lover of wine & cheese, salsa dancing and golden retrievers and in her spare time, she can usually be found enjoying at least one of these.


Book a stand at the Free From Show

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